By their nature of being large sprawling Large CCTV system, shopping malls, campuses with many facilities and different uses, universities are perfect for digital signage. Here are just a few:

  • The campus bookstore can use digital signage to share store hours, book exchange guidelines, advertising and more.
  • Student activity centers and dormitories can use digital signage to share details of campus events such as club activities, movie nights, plays and more.
  • Digital signage can be used in the cafeterias for digital menu boards and to display hours of operations and special upcoming menu items. A television feed can share signage space to attract additional eyeballs.
  • Educational departments (e.g., Business, Physics) can leverage digital signage in their buildings and hallways to promote their own events, initiatives, achievements, etc.

We offer two lines of Digital Signage Solutions:

Indoor Digital Signage – Durable displays with integrated PCs and optional multi-touch functions, ideal for daily operations in shopping malls, financial institutions, schools, restaurant, hospitals, etc

Outdoor Digital Signage – Equipped with necessary options for all-weather outdoor use, capable of resisting even the harshest environments.