An emergency exit in a structure is a special exit for emergencies such as a fire: the combined use of regular and special exits allows for faster evacuation, while it also provides an alternative if the route to the regular exit is blocked by fire, etc.
Fire doors save lives. But you don’t have to compromise on looks to ensure your families are safe. Our fire doors will fit seamlessly into any renovation or self-build project, offering you a unique combination of inspiring looks and reassuring quality

We’ve got stylish options to complement virtually every design theme with a range of colors, thicknesses and finishes including finely crafted natural wood veneers. Fire doors come in different sizes and standard thicknesses of 44mm and 54mm. Although adhering to exacting safety standards, fire doors don’t need to compromise on style and aesthetics. There’s wide variety of stylish designs and finishes available in fire doors options to allow you to match them to other doors and interior décor throughout your home.
If you looking for a striking high quality finish then fashionable oak is the perfect choice. If it’s a traditional molded door style you are looking for then our wood grain molded design is the ideal choice.